Marketing And Promotion of School Libraries

Promotions library is basically a forum of information exchange between organizations and consumers with the primary purpose of providing information about products or services provided by the library and to persuade students and teachers for the recreation of the product or service offered. The results of the campaign is growing awareness to action to use

Library promotion is to introduce the activity in terms of library facilities, collections of services, and benefits can be obtained by any user of the library in more detail, the purpose of promotion of the library are:

I.  Introduce the function to the public library users

1.  Encourage interest in reading and encouraging people to use the library collections and  increasing the number of people who read

2.  Introduce library services and services to the community


II.  The method of library exhibit service

Here is a method of displaying the library services:

1.  Name and logo

2.  Posters and panflet

3.  Exhibition

4.  Media and video

5.  Lectures

6.  Ad


III. Promotion printed forms

There are several kinds of forms that can be printed for promotion of library facilities, among others, are as follows:

1.  Brochure

2.  Posters

3.  Special map library

4.  Bookmark


IV.  Promotional  Elements

The forms of marketing

One effective way to penetrate the barrier and the barrier of communication between the library and its users is by conducting an activity that  library staff and library users.

Librarians attitudes directly affect the image of the library. If the librarian shows a good attitude in providing service to users, indirectly he was promoting.

V.  Target markets

Target market is a group of people both as individuals and organizations who have information needs and have the ability,  willingness, and the right to obtain information. Marketing consists of a series of activities that begins with identifying the needs of the community activities and groups that make up the library service area and end with communication back to the community related to the provision of community needs. In between the beginning and end of the planning process occurs and future marketing efforts.

VI.  Market mix Elements
Market mix elements are:
1.  Products consist of brand name, features, images, pengepkan, the level of quality, service.
2.  Price is made up of the list price, promotion, credit, and discounts.
3.  Place that includes channels, inventory, location, retailers, wholesales, and transportation.
4.  Promotion which includes advertising, coupons, free samples, personal selling, product displays, publicity, sales managenment,       and trade show.





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