“Headache And Dehydration”

Who has in this world often got headache? what do you think about headache? what is the causes if someone got headache? so many diffrent causes if someone got headache such as stress, long hours to work, forgetting to eat and drink,watch television in the dark room, using computer for a long time without break. But many people didn’t realize that the real headache it is because dehydration.

In our life there are two things we needed, the first one is oxygen and the second is water. water is the most important element necessery for human survival. we can survive without food for a month, but without water may be only for a few day. water is the key to life, not only on the earth but also for human body, just like the earth there are 70 percent water and 30 percent of the land and the human body is a miniatur of the earth.

Dehydration is a condition of loss water and electrolytes such as sodium and chloride because it is good for health. the main causes dehydration generally because someone doesn’t drink enough water. Headache can not heal by itself. headache are a sign that tell us that something wrong, but our bodies do not always provide clear signal and tell what should we do. when the body is dehydration, we do not always feel thirsty, but most often is headache.

Most adults people need water about 2 liters everyday, or drink water at least eight glasses a day. So, if you get headache try to drink water until the pain in your head dissapear, because it will work like magic potion.

Source : http://www.yahoo.com


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